AC Thomas - "Hillbilly Shake"

August 16, 2020 - 73 views
The latest video from AC Thomas, "Hillbilly Shake" is a lively country dance song with rockabilly and blues influence. The clip features the two brothers performing the song on an old 50's style television set mixed with shots of people dancing to the song - either as a line dance group or just out on the streets of downtown Nashville. The song has gained quite the following in the line dance community and line dance groups across the country have been uploading videos of the dance - footage of which has been included in the music video. Chad states, “We wanted to come up with a country dance song, so Austin and I put our heads together and wrote 'Hillbilly Shake.' One day we looked on Youtube and found Mrs. Jamie Marshall, had blown up the song in the Line Dance Community. Never dreamed so many people would start shakin!”


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