OUTFRONT TV PRESENTS - Video Submission Info


ABOUT:  OUTFRONT TV Presents is a new Indieartst Music TV segment coming out soon that will feature recorded music sessions by independent music artists.

Want to be part of OUTFRONT TV Presents?

Step 1

Simply record a video of an original song of yours and include the following tagline at the beginning of the video - "Hi I'm/we're [artist/band name] performing [song name] and you're watching OUTFRONT TV Presents."  

Music video requirements outlined below:

  • Must contain 100% original material (audio and visual).

  • Must have some production quality - good lighting and excellent sound a must.

  • The video can be filmed in a room of a house, outside, or in another structure.
  • All videos need to only show the music video itself with no on screen distractions

  • NO URLs, hashtags, social handles, dates, shoutouts or other promotional text on screen.

  • NO burn-in logos in corners of screens throughout the video.

  • NO front / ending slates, title or end cards in video (white text on black screen).

  • NO MTV style credits in corner of video.

  • NO still image or blank screen in video, videos need to have active pixels.

Samples of what we are looking for:  [video 1] [video 2] [video 3] [video 4]

Step 2

Once you have completed the video then send the video file or a Dropbox link to info@indieartstservices.com along with the following info:

  • artist or band name,
  • your soical media and website links
  • a couple of HD images to use for promotion.

We will follow up with dates & times when the video will be live OUTFRONT TV.

Additional info: All genres are accepted.  No submission limits.