Ten Pound Turtles

September 20, 2020

Ten Pound Turtles is a singer-songwriter-indie band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Although the band was officially formed in November of 2012 , it was “in development” since 2009. Matt Alderson (guitar and vocals) and Danny Maples (bass) began writing music together in late 2009 when they were both members of the band, Hidden. The initial songs were predominantly blues-based and were performed intermittently, along with spontaneous jazz inspired jams, during Hidden’s shows. Over the years, however, the songwriting of Matt and Danny ventured away from traditional blues arrangements and assumed a more eclectic singer-songwriter feel. This was likely due to Matt and Danny’s broad range of musical influences that include the sounds of Alabama and Texas blues, southern rock, jam bands, big bands, The Beatles, 80’s pop, jazz, classical music, gospel choir, funk, and rock. If someone suggested that it seems as though the duo was inspired by almost every style of music, they would be correct.  

For all things Ten Pound Turtles visit their official website at http://tenpoundturtles.com/

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