Sound Child

March 01, 2021

Based in Los Angeles, California, Sarah Grace and Troy Jackson Tate tirelessly work at finding a fresh and original while staying true to the roots they both hold in 60s and 70s rock. Constantly trying to push the barrier of modern music while adding a vintage flair they record track by track in their home studio situated in a downtown apartment of Los Angeles.

Troy Jackson Tate was born in North Carolina and from an early age gravitated towards music. Starting at the age of 5 he began to plunker away at the piano, always standing beside anyone else who was playing it, or any instrument at that. Although no one else in his immediate family was a self-proclaimed "Professional Musician" he was the black sheep of the lot and decided to make it a career at a young age.

Picking up a guitar the age of 10, Troy began to find his stride in rock & roll, covering 90s grunge and classic rock songs with a 3 piece band of young teens. His songwriting began to take shape when he fell in love with the psychedelic rock wave of the 60's, desperately trying to recapture a sound that seemed intangible to himself at the time. But perseverance kept his song writing ever malleable, slowing finding solace and a home in gospel/soul and R&B to become what Sound Child is today.

Sound Child is the soulful and melodic representations of Troy and his wife Sarah's musical endeavors. Troy met Sarah in 2018 and they immediately bonded hearing each other's respective music. Both having said "The moment I heard the music she/he was making, I fell in love."

Sarah Grace, also cultivating her musical talent at a very young age, came over from London to marry Troy in 2019, and their passions for music have only blossomed ever since. Their debut album "Parnassus On Love Street" is set to be released within early 2021, and they could not be more satisfied with the outcome of their "musical brain children" as they call their individual pieces of music. Hence the name "Sound Child"

Quoting them directly they have said,

- "Well... since we aren't prepared to have actual children at the moment, we might as well try to create something else beautiful together. So each song we write we consider a child and care for them as such."

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Video Credits: Sleepless Format - Mike Williamson, Brandon Villalovos

Shot in the deserts of California in windy and surprisingly, frigid conditions, the video for Sound Child's debut single 'Alone' went off without a hitch. Everything ran a bit too smoothly according to the directors and producers who were on site! The famous Joshua Tree National ParksLos Angeles, being only a two hour drive from Los Angeles and where the duo lives and records the bulk of their music , seemed like the only appropriate place for a song titled 'Alone'.
The desolation and barren emptiness, along with the striking beauty of ancient land formations and strange, other worldly 'Joshua Trees', were the perfect backdrop for the shoot.

Troy Tate of Sound Child wrote this song ironically after meeting his lovely wife Sarah Grace (the far fairer and second half of Sound Child) and even more ironically before the pandemic hit. Now, more then ever does, Sound Child see the relevancy of the song's theme and thinks it may strike a chord now more then ever with their listeners and fans.