Shivan Luca

November 01, 2020

Shivan Luca is an independent singer/songwriter, producer, performer, and neurobiologist based in Los Angeles.

Like many artists, he fell in love with popular music during his teenage years and formed a band with his friends – and having tasted the freedom, excitement, and infinite capacity of expression through writing and playing music, he decided quickly that he would never stop.

In college at UC Berkeley, Shivan was challenged to grow in both work ethic and worldview, as he experienced classes, cultures, and research in molecular science that taught him to deepen his thoughtfulness in every corner of his life. All the while writing songs and plotting his eventual career as a musical artist, he decided to also continue his second life as a scientist and enrolled in a PhD program in neuroscience at UCLA

In graduate school, he worked on synaptonuclear signaling and transcription involved in learning and memory, as well as taught himself to produce and mix pop music and deepen his understanding of songwriting and lyricism. Since completing his doctorate, Shivan works as a researcher investigating basic principles of neuromodulatory neurotransmission and connectivity, and has patiently grown his skills as an instrumentalist, singer, recording artist, producer, audio engineer, and songwriter to be able to produce high-quality masters of his own songs.

Shivan currently devotes most of his time to independent music production in his home studio in LA and recently released his first full-length album, “Albero della Vita”, written and performed across Southern California over the last 5 years.

He is hard at work on both a follow up album of similarly-minded songs, and a separate project of eclectic pop music which has allowed him complete artistic freedom and the opportunity to deepen his toolkit of popular music production techniques.

Shivan hopes that in every song, you find melodies that please on a primal level, poetry that resonates soulfully with human experience, and a thoughtful shadow of mystery and ambiguity that honors the importance of diversity and freedom of interpretation - for art is only complete, as she or he who experiences it completes it through their own experience of it.

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Shivan Luca - "Too Late" - Official Music Video

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Official Music Video for "Too Late" from Shivan Luca's debut album "Albero della Vita"

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