Riley Resa

November 21, 2020

A POP singer from Orlando, FL. Riley was launched onto the scene with her Anti bullying anthem. Broken, written at 15. Riley was asked to turn the beginning of high school experience into a song for an Anti-bullying short film. Since then her first Original song , Broken has been featured in 3 short films, featured in 2 summer camp curriculums and helped her to win OCPS Top Talent Fan Favorite 2019. Broken quickly prompted Riley Resa traveling the country with organizations like Autism Speaks and National Eating Disorders of America. (NEDA).

Riley began working with Hutch Down Records in 2018. Together they have produced, written and released music and videos her fans love. Togehter they traveled to LA to film her 2 music videos. “Can’t take it with you” co starring Seth James and “The Only One” starring social Influencer, Jonas Bridges. The Only One Winning several "Battles" on Indie Music battles presented by Reelz TV.
Riley is thrilled to announce the release of her self titled EP. Released October 2020. This release received over 42,000 streams on Spotify in just a few weeks! This body of work was written by Riley and her team and shows her extreme versatility, gowth and depth as an artist. Writing daily and traveling with her growing team her idea of a dream come true. She can not wait to share new music with all of her fans soon!

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Riley Resa - "Praying on Daisies"

Directed by Giovanna Stenner & Roberto Stenner, Produced by Hutch Down Records

Praying on Daises's sunset scene captures the feeling of the insecurities caused by new Love. The beautiful fields yet isolated clay roads exemplifies the ambiguous feelings love can bring anyone. With all its highs and lows. This beautiful video was filmed in Orlando Florida with the team from Fair Play Video and produced by Hutch Down Records.

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