Prince Ivan

January 18, 2021

In these troubling, divisive times, as we engage in more and more soul searching to find our way out of the darkness, we feel compelled to ask: Can the power of music soften hearts, break down barriers and unite the world? Can one ambitious duo’s multi-faceted indie debut album create that open door and start a transformational dialogue? Branson, Missouri based singer/songwriters Brydon Brett and Aaron Space, collectively known as Prince Ivan, not only believe it’s possible, they’ve created several unique phrases to encapsulate their ambitious universal vision and creative aesthetic.

Evolving organically from their wide array of influences and the multitude of styles that seeps in from living for years in America’s variety show capital, their epic 16-track album – promisingly titled The Preface –incorporates their passions for pop, R&B, hip-hop, EDM and gospel.
From the infectious, beat intensive and atmospheric anthem “If Love Doesn’t Win” to the explosive “take us to church” affirmative inspirations of “High Hopes,” their dynamic array of fresh new songs speak truth to a unique universal desire to overcome our differences and forge new bonds.

More than simply crafting a sparkling, emotionally impactful, melody and groove intensive collection, the recording lays an impactful foundation for SpectraPop – a mainstream musical output that combines elements of pop, R&B, funk, soul, disco, world, jazz, Latin, rock, gospel, blues, African, Electronic, hip hop and other musical styles into one soul infused whole designed to unite the human family. SpectraPop is the musical element for the duo’s larger mission to forge their concept of SpectraCulture – a worldwide love, prosperity, joy, equality, peace and unity driven movement capturing the truth that we are all beautiful lights along a wide and connected spectrum.

Their passion for bringing people together extends beyond their concerts at clubs, festivals and colleges and includes workshops and music programs via their offshoot organization Music In Schools. The two, who originally met in an a capella group at Southern Virginia University, launched Prince Ivan in 2013 with Brydon’s brother Garon, who along with Brydon is a member of The Bretts, whose family show has been a staple in Branson for over 20 years. Aaron has been their lighting director for many of those years. The original trio had residencies at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre and Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theatre.

In an age when many indie artists prefer releasing singles and short EPs, The Preface harkens back to the full-length CD era where the artist’s concept has the time and space to develop and enrich the listener. The 12 songs were co-produced with Austin Armstrong, Brydon’t cousin and a product of Berklee College of Music who is an emerging songwriter, producer and artist from Los Angeles; he recently landed a placement with R3hab. Because of the vast scope of the set list, the duo suggests some key entry points into “The Preface Experience.” Their overall message is reflected in “If Love Doesn’t Win,” which couches a universal plea for unity in a passionate song about trying to keep a relationship thriving: “If love doesn’t win, we lose, we lose, we lose/We can fight or forgive, we choose…” Another can’t miss track, the seductive, easy grooving, harmony driven EDM-influenced ballad “Let Her Be Beautiful,” has been placed in the upcoming indie film “The Never List.”

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Video Credits: Karson Knudsen

Let Her Be Beautiful is the third song from our full length album, The Preface. This is the official lyric and dance video for Let Her Be Beautiful. The song is about the realization of women being objectified in society and wanting to create a change. We are stating that women should be appreciated for the beauty of who they are both inside and out. This video features the choreography and dancing of Cydney Heard.