August 16, 2020

PASSARIM30 is a reunion of four Brazilian musicians and songwriters who share a love for Brazilian music, specially the art of Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto. The project started as a tribute to Jobim's iconic album Passarim, released in 1987. Deeply involved in São Paulo's intense indie music scene, artists João Leão, Tika, Kika and Igor Caracas carefully adapted the album's original vocal and orchestral arrangements into a reduced formation with unique style, arriving at a renewed bossa nova vibe with vocal harmonizations, electric guitars, synths and a touch of psychedelia. The project has showcased with great success in several jazz venues and theatres in and around São Paulo (Brazil) between 2017 and 2019. Each member of the quartet has their own solo project and frequently collaborate with each other in compositions and performances. This naturally led to new songs being added to the show, between originals and other adaptations. In 2020 the group released their first single, a tribute to João Gilberto, who passed away in 2019, with the song Astronauta (Samba da Pergunta), recorded in his álbum João Gilberto en Mexico (1970).

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Check out the song "Astronauta" from Indie Alt band Passarim30 on Spotify.

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Video Credits: Guilherme Destro “Guime”

PASSARIM30's first official single, Astronauta, features a video clip produced by Guilherme Destro containing images he recorded while traveling trough a very special location. The small town of Cachoeira is located in Bahia in a region considered the black cultural heart of Brazil, near Salvador which was the capital back in the slave trade era. The images capture the natural beauty of the landscape, its people, folk dances and costumes. Bahia is also the birth place of João Gilberto, one of the most influential Brazilian musicians and alleged creator of bossa nova, who is celebrated in this release.