Nikki Lorenzo

November 22, 2020

Nikki Lorenzo was born in Miami, Florida from Cuban immigrants in the midst of Hurricane Andrew. Like the storm that brought her into this world, she began her life chaotically quick; singing before she could speak. She would find love in music, poetry, and theatre, writing her first song at age eight and performing by the age of ten.

Quickly realizing that her future in the arts was calling from beyond Florida, Nikki moved to Los Angeles, where she currently resides, performing her original music in various legendary venues. She trained with vocal coaches, Stevie Mackey and Valerie Morehouse, leading her to release her single, “Work That Charm” and having it featured on “Significant Mother” as well as her co-starring in an episode of “Criminal Minds.”

Nikki currently released her newest single, “Show Me the Money” as well as the music video, and is gearing up for a few upcoming films and releasing more new music.

Nikki Lorenzo - "Show Me the Money"

Directed by Xavier Izquieta and Nikki Lorenzo/ Produced by Nikki Lorenzo and Kelly Silva

A story about finding your power and moving on from a bad relationship which unfolds with each performance.

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