Mankind's Remedy

February 22, 2021

Debuting with their 1st original 12 track rock album Faceless and following up 2 years later with a Halloween release of their 2nd studio album GOOP, the trio rock band from deep south Louisiana is peering into the future to launch their fans into another dimension of consciousness. Both studio albums are available worldwide.

I am immensely proud and pleased with our home-grown rock band and what they churned out for their 2nd album! I rented out the studio for a 3 day session and they handed back to me a freaking masterpiece! I have not stopped listening to it (almost daily) ever since. My son Bennett, the drummer, elevated his percussion skills to a level that the gives me chills each time I hear some of the sets he laid down. Mason, our bassist was virtually our recording engineer and did all of the Mastering on this album. To hear his work strung together, and how it flows is simply mind boggling to comprehend where that kind of talent comes from. Beginner's luck my ass. And our Lead, Travyn, spun out some spine tingling magic with his raspy vocals, superior intelligence with his chords, and wizardry in the lyrics he masterfully wove together in a melodic web that is sure to hook the most refined music listeners among us.~Brady Price (mngr/publ)

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