Mailbox Destroyers

August 16, 2020

I am a songwriter with Mailbox Destroyers, a band from Maine. We write original music for use in film, TV and ads. Our music is indie rock with female vocals. We own all of the rights including publishing. We can be heard in WCLZ Portland, ME, Farm Fresh Radio, Indy Records Daily, WOAFM99 Radio Show, Banks Radio, Lonely Oak Radio, Emidio’s Rock Radio, Radio TFSC, NBT Music Radio, Caterweb Radio and many more. We were featured as the after dinner mint on the The New Music Food Truck.  

NervousReaction.jpg (12.39 MB)

Listen to "Nervous Reaction" by the Mailbox Destroyers on indieartst radio.

Purchase the song for your music collection at Amazon music.  More songs from the band on Soundcloud.

Artist website:

Music video for your visual pleasure below:

Video Credits: Penny Kacere