August 16, 2020

Switzerland native Lumane is not your typical pop artist. Much of her inspiration stems from her mother playing “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven on the piano when she was just a toddler. 4 year old Lumane put her foot forward to be like her mom learning to play different instruments throughout the years to come. In the mix of that was learning to use her vocal gift in hopes of expressing her creative side.

Lumane had the opportunity to audition her talents at the age of 13 in front of super star judges in Germany on a show called “Das Supertalent”, which is similar to America’s Got Talent. She sang her heart out only to be left with no invitation back. Lumane was determined to grow. Years later with thousands of hours put into vocal lessons and practice, she auditioned for the Voice of Switzerland making her way through 3 rounds. While this was progress it wasn’t enough for Lumane.

Lumane did not give up. With the support of her family, she pushed further to achieve her dreams. A plane ticket to New York with hope in her heart led to an opportunity to finally take the first steps in using her talents to create her first set of songs.

Lumane worked with a Grammy nominated producer on songs like “Taboo” and “Letters”, which are two recent releases from this electro-pop artist. Her next song titled “White Lies” is a story we all have. Lumane was scared of breaking the heart of a man she was dating thousands of miles away using a white lie to ease the blow of the breakup. You can feel the battle of emotions throughout the song with verses that build up to explosive choruses. Sounds like good song, right? You can hear for yourself on all streaming platforms.

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Lyric video of the song White Lies by Lumane.

Video Credits: Danielle Cook