Johnny Dioxide

November 15, 2020

Hailing from Austin, TX is intergalactic space cowboy Johnny Dioxide, chemical formula JO2 -- the disembodied voice of a lovelorn ghost. He refers to his music as Ghost Rock, and it has been described as intricate yet breezy, haunting yet playful, and all with a sweet western flair to leisurely mosey along to. ​

When you pull back the red curtain, behind Johnny Dioxide you’ll find Chase Risinger. Born in Grayslake, IL, he has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 13 (a catalogue that includes a love song to Elizabeth Swan, aka Keira Knightley, which can likely be found on a worn-out cassette tape in his parents’ basement). In 2013, Johnny packed up his truck and tried his luck in Austin, Texas, to be among his own kind. Once there, he quickly fell in with the local musicians, playing in a number of bands, including the Pendulum Hearts, a Texas swing band, frequently on-call for honky-tonks, weddings, and tribute events. However, real gold was struck when he met musicians Roberto Fabre, Caitlin Callas, and Conner Strickland, who quickly joined the cosmic journey of bringing Johnny Dioxide’s original music to life. Thus, Johnny Dioxide & the Ghost Rock Radio found their match in each other, playing around the Texas circuit.

Video Credits: Kelly Daniela Norris

"Red Turtle" features a straightforward delivery of clear and magnetic vocals, a shimmery hook to latch onto, and a guitar solo that secretly harkens back to his greatest musical love, Django Reinhardt. The lyrics are simple but honest, and during live performances, it’s the song that audience members sing along to, as if they knew it in their bones. Recorded entirely in Johnny’s home studio, the song does not rely on any synthesizers, sampling, or digital instrumentation -- just the real vibrations of the instruments themselves; a song as pure as its meaning.

Directed by Austin Filmmaker and Independent Spirit Award nominee, Kelly Daniela Norris, the accompanying music video is much the same concept, homemade and raw, where all of the collages were cut by hand from old Life magazines from the 1940s and National Geographics from the past 20 years.

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