J.P. Mortier

August 16, 2020

J.P. Mortier is a singer-songwriter from Montreal with a penchant for the brutal and the delicate akin to a rocking Leonard Cohen or a Nick Cave with a conscience.
Born in France and raised in Canada, J.P. Mortier's music is as much a product of different cultures as he. J.P. has released 6 solo albums including the latest offering: a double album titled “Nation of Iron”.
2019 : Nation of Iron
2014 : Songs of Love and Despair
2012 : The Only Bar
2010 : J.P. Mortier
2008 : Backpacker
2004 : The English House

His debut album, entitled “The English House”, came out in 2004 and was distributed by Eclectra Records. This album was inspired by his busking days in the subways of Tokyo. In 2005, he performed at PopMontreal and crossed the ocean for gigs in southern France. His second CD, “Backpacker”, released in 2008 through Local Distribution, was inspired by his backpacking travels around the world. He toured across Canada in the spring of 09 in support of the album and noticed the growing student demographic of his audience. Fittingly, it received airplay on Canadian college radio. The self-titled third album in 2010-11 built on that foundation, extending his fan base with another Canadian tour, getting on charts such as CSCR in Toronto where the album went to number 2 and getting some airplay on college radios in New England and New York. J.P.s fourth album, “The Only Bar”, was a collaboration with playwright Alain Mercieca. Album number 5, “Songs of Love and Despair” was another step forward with an ambitious album about the many incarnations of love.
“Nation of Iron” is out after a 5 year hiatus. This new album is a tour de force of 24 songs clocking in at nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes. It is an album of uncompromising songs of social issues and a stern look of on our society today. Bill Szawlowski is back behind the soundboard with his prowess of his peerless mixing skills and production. Back on board are J.P.’s usual accomplices, Sylvain Auclair (bass and Chapman stick), Daniel Grégoire (drums and percussions) and Stefane Pelletier (guitar). The album is also graced with the contribution of 2 talented ladies: Opus award winner Beth McKenna on saxophone on 4 songs and Juno winner Sienna Dahlen on backing vocals on 3 songs.

J.P. toured across Canada 5 times and supported the latest album in the fall of 2019. Plans were made for more shows in 2020 but the Covid-19 has postponed those events for the time being.

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