Harrison Tinsley

February 08, 2021

Harrison Tinsley is a dreamer who writes uplifting rock songs. He is based out of California and recently his track "Emily" won the California Music Video Award for best love song. His wide range of inspiration comes from Blink-182 to The Foo Fighters to Taylor Swift. Harrison writes about things that are meaningful and tells stories that make people feel something. You can hear the passion in his voice and the vulnerability in his words. He got his start in the bay area and then took Lake Tahoe by storm playing all around there. He recorded his first singles with Robert Barry of 3 (Emerson, Barry, Palmer)and hush. Harrison writes a wide variety of songs from singer-songwriter, to rock, and Pop-punk songs! His track "Be Brave" was an honorable mention for inspirational songs in the International Songwriters Day contest. To him it is all about inspiring others and making them feel the emotion.

"To the Dreamers and lovers and those who don't fit in. Let this be where the adventure begins. You're the rarest and best in all the world. Every angry boy and every broken girl. All that matters is to be yourself. You'll never be happy living for someone else. So always be brave and always be kind. Know that you don't have unlimited time. So make the most of today, don't wait for tomorrow. Fill your heart with joy, not with sorrow. Music is for the good and for the bad. It's for the most wonderful and the saddest sad. So stand out and always be true. Because no ones a better you than you. So believe in true love and all of its madness. Even though before it ended in sadness. The best things in life you have to fight for. Never settle search for more. Keep on fighting, living, and dreaming. Don't ever dare stop believing. One day it will all make sense. Don't quit because the obstacles life presents. Because in the end it makes you who you are. Every smile and tear, every broken heart. Music is the medicine that makes it all better. I hope I can share it with you forever. Through all I have been through music has helped. My dream is to share that with someone else. If my music moved someone my life would feel complete. And I would have finally captured my dreams. So to you these emotions and stories I share. You're not alone there's someone who cares. My songs are the tales of a hopeless romantic. I believe in fairytales, rock and roll, and magic!!!

-Harrison Tinsley

Official Website: https://harrisontinsley.com 
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Video Credits: Harrison Tinsley, Bevan Waite, Chris Gordon

"This song is about my first love, the kind of love they write fairytales about, and make movies about."

The video shows the story of a young couple who fall in love. It goes from showing the couple's cute tale of romance. To the sad realization that sometimes things don't workout and hearts are broken. Leaving one side to "never be the same" because they thought they would be together forever. ( "I thought you would take my last name") While simultaneously showing Harrison's band rocking out in the snow! The song won Best Love Song for the California Music Video Awards!