Devory L. Pugh

March 01, 2021

Devory L. Pugh, known to friends as "Lefty" was born into a religious household. His musical roots were planted in the church. Although Devory's household was morally grounded, he was exposed and influenced by the outside communities in which he spent time. “The synergy of my home and external influences molded my musical genesis and guided my pen when I put it to paper. Whether behind the piano, producing, or writing, my music is the sum total of my experiences”.

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Video Credits: Rich Adofo

In a world full of negativity “Love Will Win” shares a glimpse of brightness and hope for the future. This song was written during the riots in Charlottesville and finished after the death of George Floyd. We all have experienced or witnessed some sort of ism. “Love Will Win” is an anti-ism song. It is a call for love, unity, and peace. "Love Will Win" features J. Kelly, Terri Cann, Stephcynie, and Dt. Dayal Richardson of the NYPD. His voice, presence, and energy are a symbolic bridge between law enforcement and the community.